Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I made breakfast for my brother. He looked surprised last night when I told him I would. I knew he was wondering what I would make since my recent absence means the fridge is bare. I got it at the grocery store when they opened at 7am.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flying Home

I know. I'm missing posts. I was having so much fun I never really got a chance to complete post. I have to get better at this, especially with a live blogging device.

I am in the YVR bar, flying home to Toronto from Seattle. My vision is fucked cause my left eye is half swollen and its really all I've got.
I'm killing time drinking beer.

Gym tomorrow. I've got an American waistline only high fructose corn syrup can provide.

Having one more beer before boarding. I should have paid the 30$ for the lounge.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Roger Waters The Wall, Live in Seattle

This was the most incredible concert production I have ever seen.

The performance was incredible, Roger played with a genuine passion that was astounding considering the decades he's been with the material.

I've made fun of Mike for purchasing VIP tickets for concerts in the past. While I rock with the proletariat he eats veal side-stage. I will no longer mock such extravagance, having now experienced the luxury for myself.

With ten people in our gang it made sense to take a limo to the show. Once we entered the venue (free from being searched) we were given tote bags with a souvenir poster, t-shirt, program ect....

There was a buffet with some delicious wings. San's Dad bought me a Wild Turkey at the bar.

We had the most amazing seats, thanks to San. We sat in the 6th row. I know we were close cause even as a blind man I could make out Roger;s face on stage.

We blazed constantly. When Roger/Pink points into the crowd and yells "that ones smoking a joint" he pointed right at us.

I can't describe how amazing the whole show was. I tried to take some cool photos of the most memorable moments.

The Schoolteacher from The Wall

Hey Teacher, Leave us kids alone

Fallen Soldiers are bricks in the wall

Roger Waters in Seattle

Mother Puppet from The Wall

Holy Shit they built that fast

One more brick

The Wall

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

San and I drove to the airport to pick up Matt. At passenger pick up soe asshole started honking at us, then we realized it was Mike, who had driven to the airport with the same purpose.

I turned my phone on this morning to find a message from San. He dropped off some K-cups in Mike's mailbox so I could have my a.m. java. Then he swung by to pick me up for the day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We took San's new Jeep off-road. He was over at Mike's place early. They both took the day off at Google so we could go find some trails the Parks service set up.
We picked up coffee and drove about an hour to somewhere around mount rainier. We found the trails and figured the smart thing to do would be to stay off the hard ones.
We were surprised to see snow (in the mountains, of all places). We only got a little bit in on the 1st trail before we had to turn back.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Unemployed Jet-Setter Flies Again

It's time for a vacation. An undeserved but necessary vacation.
Sure I may not have a job, but I do have good friends. Friends who are incredibly cool. San and Linsey got us all tickets to Roger Waters next week so I'm heading to Seattle.
I'm up early, I start Mondays episode of Howard Stern and make coffee for my brother. We say goodbye.
I'm late getting out the door and now I'm waiting for the bus at Kipling. It's 3 minutes late. Its supposed to take twenty one minutes. It arrives, I get a seat. It's not crowded. My flight takes off in less than two hours. Good thing I don't have to check any bags. Hopefully I can breeze through security.
I go to the wrong counter to check-in. Sure my final destination is Seattle but I have to connect in Vancouver.
I get swabbed by security for explosives, you can never be too careful.
Pearson airport has a Tim Hortons. This is a big deal cause its so much cheaper than standard airport fare. I got a coffee, everything bagel w/herb & garlic cream cheese, an apple juice and a S'mores donut.
I have now boarded and ready to depart for Vancouver. I must now cease transmissions.

The flight is loaded with the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra The flight crew announced there's 83 of them. No doubt if this plane went down the loss of these youths would far overshadow my own tragedy. They hop around the flight chatting with friends and stand around in the isle. I purchase an expensive chicken wrap, cashews and two rye. The cost of which is 23 dollars. My symphonic seat mates remark on my costly lunch. I wax poetic about the Maple Leaf Lounge and how I miss it's services on this trip. The only reason I didn't throw down the 30 bucks was they wouldn't have started serving before my flight time, so not worth the expense.
I chat up the youths beside me.
I find myself giving life advice to young people, something I have no business doing so I stop.
I check the flight map on the headrest display, we are over Manitoba with just under 3hrs left in flight. A nap takes up 2 of those hours. I wake and decide to listen to Pink Floyd's the Wall, however it seems I've forgotten to put them on my listening device. Almost in Vancouver. I close out Mondays Stern Show.

In Vancouver I must go through security again, My bag and laptop are swabbed for explosives(clean). I clear US customs without issue and now I'm waiting for the puddle jump from YVR to SeaTac. I have pictures of San's son AJ, and dog Kosmo and Kitty Pixel. I can't wait to see them.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

drunken dictation

Drinks with my brother Paul and a coworker.  They brought me a cheeseburger. Appreciated.
Paul hits the decks. I attempt some conversation, it goes unrequited. We resolve to listen to Paul spin while I write this blog. To be honest he is dealing out a sweet house set.
My brother Paul is a DJ. Sure he works in computers bus he gets his rocks off on turntables. As I typed that he fucked up a mix, punctuated with his trademark shout of "FUCK".
I go to take a piss Q tips in the toilet. This has to be our guest. I use call girlfriend razor to fish them out of the toilet.
Sure it's 1 am but the blue jays there in minnesota and it's the seventh inning and the twins are up 7-5. You don't count out the Blue Jays that's not what you do, not to the greatest fucking baseball team that ever played the game. Of course my internet connection is fucked up and only showing me flashes of baseball players.
Jose Bautista hits home runs.  We watch an episode of the Simpsons remembering how Mike Socia's tragic illness made us smile

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

How blogging got it's grove back

It's the first day of May. The Second Cup coffee shop across the street from my place closed unexpectedly. It was the same Second Cup that was featured in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I guess I was a semi regular there, I would go there when my internet was out, or when I needed to get out of the house to get some writing done if the temptation to play nintendo wii was too strong.

Speaking of which, I came to the realization that within my next few play sessions I will beat the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, a game I have played off and on since my brother Paul gave it to me on my birthday in January.

I'm another Second Cup on King West. I frequent here when my former coffee shop had no available electrical outlets.

I had a great conversation with my brother Paul the other day. We were packed like sardines at Wide Open, an ironically named storage-space sized mini-bar. I've seen downtown condos bigger than this bar. Pau told me that I had a responsibility as a content creator to... create content consistently. The only way to have readers return daily is to have daily posts, something other bloggers find the time for, but my jobless ass seems to have trouble with.

I guess the next step is going to the fucking gym I pay for. If I'm going to be in any kind of shape for Burning Man in August I have to start hitting that stationary bike.

I booked another flight, this time to Seattle. My friend San and his wife Linsey are treating a bunch of us to a Roger Waters concert, he will be performing The Wall in it's entirety. I leave in 17 days.

I just about cried at the end of Sunday nights episode of the Simpsons titled "A totally fun thing Bart will never do again". The totally fun thing in the title was a family cruise that Bart wanted to continue on forever through chicanery. After the family discovers Bart's ruse, Homer tells him that life is about enjoying the precious moments while you can. The episode ended with Bart as an old man looking at photos of himself sliding through his life's happiest times, Bart lays back in his bed and says to himself "What a ride". I just teared up and gasped, unable to breath enough to full-on cry. Maybe it's cause the series is closing on it's end, or that the feeling echoed so closely to my own ethos, it struck a strong emotional chord with me.