Saturday, May 05, 2012

drunken dictation

Drinks with my brother Paul and a coworker.  They brought me a cheeseburger. Appreciated.
Paul hits the decks. I attempt some conversation, it goes unrequited. We resolve to listen to Paul spin while I write this blog. To be honest he is dealing out a sweet house set.
My brother Paul is a DJ. Sure he works in computers bus he gets his rocks off on turntables. As I typed that he fucked up a mix, punctuated with his trademark shout of "FUCK".
I go to take a piss Q tips in the toilet. This has to be our guest. I use call girlfriend razor to fish them out of the toilet.
Sure it's 1 am but the blue jays there in minnesota and it's the seventh inning and the twins are up 7-5. You don't count out the Blue Jays that's not what you do, not to the greatest fucking baseball team that ever played the game. Of course my internet connection is fucked up and only showing me flashes of baseball players.
Jose Bautista hits home runs.  We watch an episode of the Simpsons remembering how Mike Socia's tragic illness made us smile

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