Thursday, May 24, 2012

Roger Waters The Wall, Live in Seattle

This was the most incredible concert production I have ever seen.

The performance was incredible, Roger played with a genuine passion that was astounding considering the decades he's been with the material.

I've made fun of Mike for purchasing VIP tickets for concerts in the past. While I rock with the proletariat he eats veal side-stage. I will no longer mock such extravagance, having now experienced the luxury for myself.

With ten people in our gang it made sense to take a limo to the show. Once we entered the venue (free from being searched) we were given tote bags with a souvenir poster, t-shirt, program ect....

There was a buffet with some delicious wings. San's Dad bought me a Wild Turkey at the bar.

We had the most amazing seats, thanks to San. We sat in the 6th row. I know we were close cause even as a blind man I could make out Roger;s face on stage.

We blazed constantly. When Roger/Pink points into the crowd and yells "that ones smoking a joint" he pointed right at us.

I can't describe how amazing the whole show was. I tried to take some cool photos of the most memorable moments.

The Schoolteacher from The Wall

Hey Teacher, Leave us kids alone

Fallen Soldiers are bricks in the wall

Roger Waters in Seattle

Mother Puppet from The Wall

Holy Shit they built that fast

One more brick

The Wall

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