Friday, May 18, 2012

The Unemployed Jet-Setter Flies Again

It's time for a vacation. An undeserved but necessary vacation.
Sure I may not have a job, but I do have good friends. Friends who are incredibly cool. San and Linsey got us all tickets to Roger Waters next week so I'm heading to Seattle.
I'm up early, I start Mondays episode of Howard Stern and make coffee for my brother. We say goodbye.
I'm late getting out the door and now I'm waiting for the bus at Kipling. It's 3 minutes late. Its supposed to take twenty one minutes. It arrives, I get a seat. It's not crowded. My flight takes off in less than two hours. Good thing I don't have to check any bags. Hopefully I can breeze through security.
I go to the wrong counter to check-in. Sure my final destination is Seattle but I have to connect in Vancouver.
I get swabbed by security for explosives, you can never be too careful.
Pearson airport has a Tim Hortons. This is a big deal cause its so much cheaper than standard airport fare. I got a coffee, everything bagel w/herb & garlic cream cheese, an apple juice and a S'mores donut.
I have now boarded and ready to depart for Vancouver. I must now cease transmissions.

The flight is loaded with the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra The flight crew announced there's 83 of them. No doubt if this plane went down the loss of these youths would far overshadow my own tragedy. They hop around the flight chatting with friends and stand around in the isle. I purchase an expensive chicken wrap, cashews and two rye. The cost of which is 23 dollars. My symphonic seat mates remark on my costly lunch. I wax poetic about the Maple Leaf Lounge and how I miss it's services on this trip. The only reason I didn't throw down the 30 bucks was they wouldn't have started serving before my flight time, so not worth the expense.
I chat up the youths beside me.
I find myself giving life advice to young people, something I have no business doing so I stop.
I check the flight map on the headrest display, we are over Manitoba with just under 3hrs left in flight. A nap takes up 2 of those hours. I wake and decide to listen to Pink Floyd's the Wall, however it seems I've forgotten to put them on my listening device. Almost in Vancouver. I close out Mondays Stern Show.

In Vancouver I must go through security again, My bag and laptop are swabbed for explosives(clean). I clear US customs without issue and now I'm waiting for the puddle jump from YVR to SeaTac. I have pictures of San's son AJ, and dog Kosmo and Kitty Pixel. I can't wait to see them.

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