Monday, February 28, 2011

Sam The Record Man NOW Magazine Ad

I used to work in the video department at the greatest store on Earth, Sam the Record Man. This was an ad placed in NOW magazine back in May 2005. Christian, Christa and I were able to choose some titles and write a blurb. It was one of the few times we got to give any real input. I'm only transcribing a few, it's time consuming to retype!

Clerks X
Kevin Smith
Clerks (15th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]Ten years after his breakout hit Clerks, Kevin Smith is still working late nights at the Quickstop. Clerks X celebrates the convenience store that started it all (Mecca of all things Askew) with 3 discs loaded with commentaries for the theatrical release and the Sundance cut, a Q & A with the cast and the great "Snowball Effect" documentary. the animated lost scene is a must see as is Randal querying Dante to the depths he would go for Mans ultimate dream…"The Flying Car". A true comedy classic, Clerks X is an essential addition to your collection to be enjoyed for decades to come.
Julien Chabot @ Sams 3 years

Bubba Ho TepDon Coscarelli
BUBBA HO-TEP (2002)Elvis is alive and well… living in Writer/Director Don Coscarelli's offbeat horror-comedy cult hit. Bruce "the Man" Campbell is Elvis, retired and waiting to die in a texas nursing home.When an evil soul sucking mummy shows up to feed off the easy targets, Elvis joins a conspiracy minded JFK(Ossie Davis in one of his final great performances) to flush out the ancient egyptian before he flushes their souls. Watch it again and again and when a friend who hasn't seen it comes over watch it again.
Julien Chabot @ Sam's 3 years

ElephantGus Van Sant
Elephant: A Film By Gus Van SantWinner of the Palm d'Or and best director awards at the 2003 Cannes film festival, Elephant is Gus Van Sant's (My Own Private Idaho, Good Will Hunting) realistic and haunting portrayal of high school life on an afternoon that should have been like any other.His use of non-actors and a minimal script creates an unconventional and captivating film. this is a simple yet hard hitting picture in which Van Sant offers us an objective look at high school violence and gun control. The film leaves you with a somber feeling considering these evens have happened and seem inevitable to happen again in the future. A unique docudrama fit for every film enthusiasts collection.
Christa Szakonyi @ Sams 2 years

Pick up your EarsStephen Fears
Prick Up Your EarsJoe Orton was one of the bad boys of swinging London in the 60's, Hero of the anti establishment, and winner of several awards for his plays. The film "Pick up your Ears" charts Orton's life in a series of flashbacks and benefits from a strong performance by Gary Oldman in the leading role. Most of the narrative revolves around the year 1964-1967, from Orton's first West End success to his death at the hands of Kenneth Halliwell, his live-in partner. Oldman is superb in this role, his Orton is totally convincing, charming selfish and occasionally infuriating. Alfred Molina co-stars as Halliwell, Vanessa Redgrave as Orton's agent, the formidable Peggy Ramsey. Stephen Fears does a fine job with direction. Excellent cinematography by Oliver Stapleton, and very good period music by Stanley Myers.
Christian Wehrhahn @Sam's 3 years

Friday, February 25, 2011

Scott Pilgrim Flip Video

I ordered this customized Flip UltraHD 8GB Video Camera. I need this thing for a bunch of reasons. I have opportunities to take videos people want to see, and I want to present those videos in the best quality possible.

The amount of cool things going on in this city, I need to be able to capture HD video at a moments notice. I want to do interviews and produce some video blogs. My Youtube page should be really bumping in a few weeks.

Imagine if I had taken this video of Jack White here in Toronto with a better camera?

Face the Taxman

I used TurboTax, formally QuickTax to complete my tax return last night. I have used the software in years past and had some difficulties. All my problems have been solved with the current release. This year's online version was easy to use and was free, thanks to my simple tax situation. I was done in 20 minutes.

The hardest part was changing my address information with Canada Revenue Agency (I liked it better when they were Revenue Canada). I used NETfile to file the return and it was super easy. I will have my return in two weeks.

Last year I was talking to a girl in San Francisco and I asked her who she worked for. She said I wouldn't know them, and then said she worked for Intuit, a software company, and I was like "I USE YOUR TAX PROGRAM!" The company has commented on my blog in the past, I wonder if they will read this post.

I really recommend you do your taxes as soon as possible, even if you owe the government money. Get it out of the way and the stress will finally go away. Do it yourself or let the super easy program do it for you.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

captain at the light box

I'm getting dressed to go to the light box. I am volunteering as a captain again today
Yesterday was family day and it was totally crazy. Today should be a bit more civil. I am dictating this blog post into my phone. I still don't have internet I figured this would be a good way to update. I will go to second cup after so I can access the internet and write a better post.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Radiohead's New Album: The King of Limbs

I just ordered the new Radiohead album The King of Limbs. Unlike 2007's In Rainbows this time the band isn't allowing fans to name a price, and are selling the download version for a reasonable 9$ I decided to get the deluxe edition, since Radiohead vinyl never seems to depreciate in value (it ships in May, I will review it here when it arrives). I am just waiting for the download to finish up here in this Second Cup coffee shop and then I will head home to give it a listen since I can't use headphones to hear new Radiohead (crank the speakers!).


Finally, Digital TV on my Mac

Elgato EyeTV Hybrid (10021020)

I can finally unleash the awesome power of the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid, a device for watching digital tv on my macbook. I bought the EyeTv at the Macworld Expo about two years ago, it plugs into the USB port and is very simple to use. It has allowed me to digitize all my VHS tapes, It can pick up digital TV signals with the help of an antenna, but because I had basic cable at my old place I hesitated to spend the fifty bucks at Be$t You Buy. What the hell was I thinking waiting so long? The CN tower emits a VHF (very high frequency) signal that can be picked up easily with an antenna. I found a decent Phillips antenna for 5$ on College Street and after running the quick setup assistant I can now pick up 8 channels of uncompressed HDTV: CBC, SRC, Global, CFTO, Omni 2, City Tv, Omni 1, SunTV.  A full compliment of terrible programming, however woven into the turd tapestry of television is a golden thread of The Daily Show, Letterman, Conan and the Simpsons (I also enjoy a little CBC news and some Strombo as well). This device is so cool, I can rewind and record live TV, which is sweet, and the best part is Roger$ dosen't get a fucking penny.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Won a copy of The Art of Tim Burton, Autographed!

I have already said I love volunteering at the Tiff Bell Lightbox, I get to contribute to the festival's artistic vision while at the same time scoring free movie vouchers. Last week I entered a contest just for the tiff volunteers, and I won! It's an autographed copy of The Art Of Tim Burton. You may recall I met Tim Burton back in November at the Tiff Bell Lightbox, he was there to promote the opening of his awesome exhibit. I could never afford this book and had to settle for two much cheaper (still very cool) journals. I'm so lucky to have won this beautiful book. 

Click here for The Art of Tim Burton publishers website where you can order the book for yourself, or come buy one at the Tiff Bell Lightbox.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nintendo Hipsters Unite!

I got some new Nintendo games for Christmas but since I don't have a TV I really can't play any of them (Nooooo!). I registered my new games at Club Nintendo and with my Club Nintendo coins (550) I ordered this sweet side bag last week and it arrived today!

It's a real cool looking bag and I cant wait till the weather is a bit nicer, I will use it to carry my laptop or, eventually, an android tablet of some type. I'm proud of being Nintendo Otaku.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I haven't been updating this blog as often as I would like. I have been keeping quite busy for an unemployed slacker. Posts about my trip to Montreal, a Julie Doiron show last week and a wicked Burning Man party this past weekend are all half finished. I feel creative but I'm not sure this blog is my outlet. I really want to start producing some short video blog-type things, but I need a new camera.

I have been devoting as much time as I can to the Tiff Bell Lightbox. I find it to be extremely rewarding, along with spending time with other like minded lovers of film, I am gaining tons of valuable experience as a Volunteer Captain. Sure it would be nice to get a paying job, but I am honestly as happy as could be.

I just read this article about Paul Haggis and his decision to leave Scientology in the New Yorker. It's long, but a very interesting read. I am looking forward to seeing him at the Lightbox tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Splice at the Lightbox

Splice [Blu-ray]
I won free tickets to see Splice at the Lightbox as part of the Canadian Top 10 of 2010, I was going to see it anyways since I missed it's theatrical run. It was fun take on the Frankenstein story. The director, Vincenzo Natali was in attendance and spoke about the film afterwards. It was very cool.