Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally, Digital TV on my Mac

Elgato EyeTV Hybrid (10021020)

I can finally unleash the awesome power of the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid, a device for watching digital tv on my macbook. I bought the EyeTv at the Macworld Expo about two years ago, it plugs into the USB port and is very simple to use. It has allowed me to digitize all my VHS tapes, It can pick up digital TV signals with the help of an antenna, but because I had basic cable at my old place I hesitated to spend the fifty bucks at Be$t You Buy. What the hell was I thinking waiting so long? The CN tower emits a VHF (very high frequency) signal that can be picked up easily with an antenna. I found a decent Phillips antenna for 5$ on College Street and after running the quick setup assistant I can now pick up 8 channels of uncompressed HDTV: CBC, SRC, Global, CFTO, Omni 2, City Tv, Omni 1, SunTV.  A full compliment of terrible programming, however woven into the turd tapestry of television is a golden thread of The Daily Show, Letterman, Conan and the Simpsons (I also enjoy a little CBC news and some Strombo as well). This device is so cool, I can rewind and record live TV, which is sweet, and the best part is Roger$ dosen't get a fucking penny.

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