Friday, February 25, 2011

Face the Taxman

I used TurboTax, formally QuickTax to complete my tax return last night. I have used the software in years past and had some difficulties. All my problems have been solved with the current release. This year's online version was easy to use and was free, thanks to my simple tax situation. I was done in 20 minutes.

The hardest part was changing my address information with Canada Revenue Agency (I liked it better when they were Revenue Canada). I used NETfile to file the return and it was super easy. I will have my return in two weeks.

Last year I was talking to a girl in San Francisco and I asked her who she worked for. She said I wouldn't know them, and then said she worked for Intuit, a software company, and I was like "I USE YOUR TAX PROGRAM!" The company has commented on my blog in the past, I wonder if they will read this post.

I really recommend you do your taxes as soon as possible, even if you owe the government money. Get it out of the way and the stress will finally go away. Do it yourself or let the super easy program do it for you.

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  1. Anonymous2/25/2011

    Thanks for the sage advice kind Sir. Will definitely give it a whirl.