Monday, June 20, 2011

I was Kablocked by @thatkevinsmith

I made the mistake of bitching about the opening song for Kevin Smith's morning podcast Plus One Per Diem. I was Kablocked! Kevin wields a brutal ban-hammer, and I am now being punished on twitter. I was really excited for Joe Rogan to be on the podcast and I just tweeted without thinking. I really dislike the opening song to the podcast, it's mixed way out.
I am a stupid ANONYMOUS internet asshole

I thought about the possibility of being blocked right after I hit "Enter". It was already too late. Blocked. 

The worst part is Kevin singled me out and said I wasn't in his world anymore. My heart is broken.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


I saw an advance screening of Super 8 last night at the AMC.
Go see it this weekend!

JJ Abrams (Cloverfield, Star Trek) has a flair for monsters, and a real flair for lens flares. His collaboration with Steven Spielberg is a match made in film-geek heaven.
Comparisons have been made between Cloverfield and Super 8, and they do share common elements but Super 8 is a much better film. I didn't like Cloverfield, it made me nauseous (although it was on my birthday and I had drank a fifth of Wild Turkey, so I can't blame the shaky camera).
Cloverfield was a bunch of unlikable urban adults running from a monster armed only with a digital camera, while Super 8 has lovable small town youth running from a monster with a Super8 camera. The movie is set in the late 70's and it really works well. everything has a certain innocence. It's funny and cute and scary, and has a certain quality that will make it re-watchable for years to come. Try and see it on the big screen.