Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Strombo's Secret Movie (Young Adult)

Young Adult Lil Tuffy Poster

I went to Strombo's "secret" movie at the Tiff Bell Lightbox. I had guessed it was Young Adult, I was right (Strombo tweeted me with a denial, then a wink).

The lineup was huge.

The guy in front of me was dressed like Dr. Who, different guy but I have seen it before. It's not Hallowe'en dude. I feel I have to point out that a grown man is playing dress up going to see a movie called Young Adult. I don't get it, I like Super Mario, but if I wore white gloves, a red shirt, overalls and a tool belt you would think I was fucking insane.

Cosplay Dr Who Manchild
We ended up in the second screening, which started about a half hour after cinema 2 filled up. Some people got turned away, but they should have showed up earlier.

The movie was great. I wrote a review here.

Jason Reitman and Diablo introduced the movie and came out for a Q&A after the screening.

On the way out of the theatre the Tiff staff handed out limited edition poster prints from Lil Tuffy, an artist out of San Francisco.

I waited around afterwards . I talked to George Strombolopolous. He really made this an event for the people. He rocks.

I missed Jason Reitman, but I saw Diablo Cody and she autographed my copy of Juno and my Lil Tuffy poster. I will post a picture once I get it back from the frame shop.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Space

A friend asked if I was going to the Occupy Toronto protest. I can't do it. As a jobless recipient of the social welfare that the 1% so detest I would make the perfect poster boy for the aimless movement. What would I be protesting? Being a well-fed white male in the most prosperous country in the western world? Banks suck but I'm not closing my account.

When I hang out with filthy tent dwelling hippies it will be at Burning Man.

I would rather occupy my apartment and use my newly purchased consumer goods. My mom bought me a Keurig coffe machine. I've had 3 cups today, time to chill.

I'm going to Strombo's secret movie tonight. I tweeted that I thought it might be the new Diablo Cody scripted Young Adult and Strombo tweeted back "nope". The Rum Diary is out next week, so it could be that. I'm gonna stop guessing. It was almost a year ago I was running around trying to find the Tron Legacy screening.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cut Corners Not Good For Blind Toronto

The TTC is introducing a new clipped corner metropass, which can only be a step towards eliminating the free metropass for the blind. The move by the TTC to clip the corners of metropasses is being made to "assist blind and visually impaired transit users when entering the TTC through automatic entrances and turnstiles."

The CNIB Metropass ALREADY has a clipped corner
The clipped edge indicates the direction the pass needs to be swiped at a turnstile for easy entry and would be helpful for blind Torontonians, if they didn't already have the feature on their metropasses. The anual metropass distributed by the CNIB already has a clipped corner, and has for years.

So what is the purpose of heralding a feature for blind people on a card blind people dont use?

Mayor Rob Ford has been itching to cut the visually-impaired gravy from the city budget since he first saw a glaucoma stricken old lady pass the fare box without paying. Here is a previous post where Rob ford makes his intentions to cut CNIB metropasses clear. The move would be unpopular, but so are most actions of the lumbering mayoral lummox.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Make it a habit

This is me sitting in the Second Cup for the second day in a row. Plugging away at my postcard blog and this one and trying to be productive. My coffee is cold and almost empty. I'm going to end up here again this afternoon, I just know it. I'm going for groceries in Kensington and then it's back to the typing grind.
Construction on Queen St W

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not blogging, a common theme

I have been stuck in some type of redirect loop unable to log into blogger from my place, which only means I have been able to flex my penchant for not blogging. (It's my computer that is stuck in the redirect loop, although I guess that is a good name for my personal state right now also)
Fitting I should find myself at the Second Cup where I was blogging from last year, this same time. back then it was because the internet at my place wasn't working. My new place has no internet problems, and it's right across the street from me now (i can see my bedroom window from here). Still it's better to get out of the house, away from the distractions(I can't get away with smoking bowls and listening to Howard Stern here). I should be over here every day, at least till I get a little focus.
Without the film festival to keep me busy I'm a little lost. It's what I'm good at and now I have nothing to do. I was so busy during the film festival I never had a chance to blog.

A look out the window from Second Cup, Tortilla Flats in BG
I started my postcard blog about a year ago, I have sent and received a lot of postcards since. I'm going to slow down on the postcrossing(sending random cards) and focus on friends and people I have already corresponded with. I want to have a post a day, and I should have enough cards to take me into December. That's what I came here to write but ended up doing this stream of consciousness type thing.
now Im feeling a might peckish and think I will run across the street for some leftover Thanksgiving turkey sitting in my fridge. If I'm trying to stay productive I can't eat sleepy-time turkey in the middle of the day.

I will be back.

Friday, October 07, 2011


I'm having trouble logging into blogger on my laptop.

My phone is the only way for me to blog.

I downloaded this awesome camera app called little photo.

I'm gonna do some experimenting and see what kind of cool pictures I can come up with.

Monday, October 03, 2011

TeeFury Grab Bag Rocks

My shirts showed up today. I ordered the Grab Bag from on September 5th. I have a lot of TeeFury shirts, and I trust the randomness that is Grab bag Day. Here are the five shirts I got for 6$ each: 
A Lost/Peanuts parody shirt from dakin costello
Slothbert Love Chunkie
A Sesame Street/Goonies mash-up from Michael Myers Jr.
Mutant & Proud
An X-Men fanboy shirt from Seven Hundred

A MadMen/Joker tee from Heart Jack

Masters of Death
A Harry Potter shirt from Mathijs Vissers
I probably won't wear this very often but if I had to wear a Harry Potter shirt this would be the one.

I'm happy with the shirts I got. I was worried I would get some Dr. Who or Firefly parody shirts and never be able to wear them (Don't hate me, I'm just not a fan).