Monday, October 03, 2011

TeeFury Grab Bag Rocks

My shirts showed up today. I ordered the Grab Bag from on September 5th. I have a lot of TeeFury shirts, and I trust the randomness that is Grab bag Day. Here are the five shirts I got for 6$ each: 
A Lost/Peanuts parody shirt from dakin costello
Slothbert Love Chunkie
A Sesame Street/Goonies mash-up from Michael Myers Jr.
Mutant & Proud
An X-Men fanboy shirt from Seven Hundred

A MadMen/Joker tee from Heart Jack

Masters of Death
A Harry Potter shirt from Mathijs Vissers
I probably won't wear this very often but if I had to wear a Harry Potter shirt this would be the one.

I'm happy with the shirts I got. I was worried I would get some Dr. Who or Firefly parody shirts and never be able to wear them (Don't hate me, I'm just not a fan).

1 comment:

  1. Wow you got a great haul on the grab bag! Love the Linus shirt and the Joker one. I've never tried one of their grab bags, I'm always worried I'll be stuck with things I don't like!