Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Space

A friend asked if I was going to the Occupy Toronto protest. I can't do it. As a jobless recipient of the social welfare that the 1% so detest I would make the perfect poster boy for the aimless movement. What would I be protesting? Being a well-fed white male in the most prosperous country in the western world? Banks suck but I'm not closing my account.

When I hang out with filthy tent dwelling hippies it will be at Burning Man.

I would rather occupy my apartment and use my newly purchased consumer goods. My mom bought me a Keurig coffe machine. I've had 3 cups today, time to chill.

I'm going to Strombo's secret movie tonight. I tweeted that I thought it might be the new Diablo Cody scripted Young Adult and Strombo tweeted back "nope". The Rum Diary is out next week, so it could be that. I'm gonna stop guessing. It was almost a year ago I was running around trying to find the Tron Legacy screening.

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