Friday, October 14, 2011

Cut Corners Not Good For Blind Toronto

The TTC is introducing a new clipped corner metropass, which can only be a step towards eliminating the free metropass for the blind. The move by the TTC to clip the corners of metropasses is being made to "assist blind and visually impaired transit users when entering the TTC through automatic entrances and turnstiles."

The CNIB Metropass ALREADY has a clipped corner
The clipped edge indicates the direction the pass needs to be swiped at a turnstile for easy entry and would be helpful for blind Torontonians, if they didn't already have the feature on their metropasses. The anual metropass distributed by the CNIB already has a clipped corner, and has for years.

So what is the purpose of heralding a feature for blind people on a card blind people dont use?

Mayor Rob Ford has been itching to cut the visually-impaired gravy from the city budget since he first saw a glaucoma stricken old lady pass the fare box without paying. Here is a previous post where Rob ford makes his intentions to cut CNIB metropasses clear. The move would be unpopular, but so are most actions of the lumbering mayoral lummox.

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