Tuesday, May 01, 2012

How blogging got it's grove back

It's the first day of May. The Second Cup coffee shop across the street from my place closed unexpectedly. It was the same Second Cup that was featured in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I guess I was a semi regular there, I would go there when my internet was out, or when I needed to get out of the house to get some writing done if the temptation to play nintendo wii was too strong.

Speaking of which, I came to the realization that within my next few play sessions I will beat the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, a game I have played off and on since my brother Paul gave it to me on my birthday in January.

I'm another Second Cup on King West. I frequent here when my former coffee shop had no available electrical outlets.

I had a great conversation with my brother Paul the other day. We were packed like sardines at Wide Open, an ironically named storage-space sized mini-bar. I've seen downtown condos bigger than this bar. Pau told me that I had a responsibility as a content creator to... create content consistently. The only way to have readers return daily is to have daily posts, something other bloggers find the time for, but my jobless ass seems to have trouble with.

I guess the next step is going to the fucking gym I pay for. If I'm going to be in any kind of shape for Burning Man in August I have to start hitting that stationary bike.

I booked another flight, this time to Seattle. My friend San and his wife Linsey are treating a bunch of us to a Roger Waters concert, he will be performing The Wall in it's entirety. I leave in 17 days.

I just about cried at the end of Sunday nights episode of the Simpsons titled "A totally fun thing Bart will never do again". The totally fun thing in the title was a family cruise that Bart wanted to continue on forever through chicanery. After the family discovers Bart's ruse, Homer tells him that life is about enjoying the precious moments while you can. The episode ended with Bart as an old man looking at photos of himself sliding through his life's happiest times, Bart lays back in his bed and says to himself "What a ride". I just teared up and gasped, unable to breath enough to full-on cry. Maybe it's cause the series is closing on it's end, or that the feeling echoed so closely to my own ethos, it struck a strong emotional chord with me.


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