Friday, September 09, 2011

Breathing baseball

I thought about catching a bit of the game between movies and im glad i did.

So far the score is nil, but its so refreshing, a beer in my hand.
Jays are up. And down.
They just ran a moneyball trailer, its at tiff but i will wait to see it when it goes wide in two weeks.
When the jays strike out 7 batters we can get a slice of shitty pizza. Two more strikeouts.
Jays back up to bat. Lets get some action on the score board.
Mike macoy leads off the bottom of the third...
Hits, out at first. Lets go blue jays. I am live blogging from my phone
by the way. Scoreless going into the fourth inning. Camera man just sumed it up, both teams going nowhere.
Im going to have to head up to the lightbox soon. I have a movie in 45 minutes. leaving now 0-0 in the 5th. so glad I came out.
(Baltimore won 2-0)

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