Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hockey Night

I want to be blogging every day but I don't wan't it to be bullshit. I really don't want to record my lameness, but I have missed so many good posts over the last month. I met Kevin Smith, got an interview for my dream job, and applied to University, but haven't blogged about any of it. I guess I should catch up on my blog. Keep the peoples happy. I think I might have to go private though.

I could lie and say I went to the gym today but I didn't. The gym is so much easier with tunes. I have no idea where my ipod is, and this shitty internet connection makes it impossible to download new episodes of Howard Stern in any reasonable time frame.

I went to Paul's work to watch the game. He works with a redhead which I would find distracting, but he seems to manage. The Game was killer, I was expecting Canada to lose to Russia since they haven't beaten them in the Olympics in fifty years. So far these Olympics, Canada's men haven't impressed, but tonight they fucking rocked. It was so cool to kick so much ass. We won the Hockey game, then Gold and Silver in bobsled.

Paul and I went to the Free Times Cafe to see Will. He was really good, and playing to the typically tiny Free Times audience. I really love Will's style and writing. A great night.

Now I write, and tomorrow I write more, Bassquarter is sleeping on my bed that sexy cat. She just loves me cause I got a bag of treats in here somewhere.

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