Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I am not Willie Nelson or Pee Wee Herman

I took the Go bus back into town so I can finally sleep in my bed again. I don't sleep well on the futon in Moms basement. I had two crazy dreams last night:

In the one dream I was Willie Nelson, at first I was watching the events unfold from a third person view but I wasn't in it I was just seeing it happen, but quickly it became first person and I was WILLIE NELSON! Sheriffs were going though my house and found a marijuana roach in the backyard. I think I was kind of shocked that was all they found, being Willie Nelson. 

The I woke up and went right back to sleep for the next dream:

I'm backstage at Pee Wee Herman's Broadway show, and I have agreed to be Pee-Wee's understudy, but I don't know my lines and just before going on I panic.

The new Scott Pillgrim trailer is out:

It's a better cut than the first trailer, more actioney.

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