Friday, June 04, 2010

Kevin Smith is the nicest guy ever.

I woke up early to go see Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier on the Dean Blundell show at The Egde 102.1. They did about an hour on the radio pimping the Live Smodcast in Brantford tomorrow. I showed up and waited about 25 minutes before Kevin and Scott walked up. They said hi, Kev remembered me from last time. The Interview was funny as hell, Kev dropped the f bomb at one point. You can get the whole thing by clicking here.  They were really nice and autographed a few things after the interview. Kev signed my Batman Widening Gyre #1 and they both personalized my Clerks DVD. I got a great picture with him and asked about releasing the Zack & Miri Make a Porno screenplay as a Pdf. He said he would post it, which is awesome cause I love to read his work as well as see it onscreen. It's so cool to meet your idol and he's a nice guy, Kevin is the nicest guy.

Afterwards i was so pumped I went to the gym and then checked out an early show at AMC. If you go before noon it's only 6 bucks. I saw Killers. Ashton Kucher and Katherine Heigl were so hot it was almost hard to look at, but in a good way. It was very funny, Catherine O'hera and Tom Seleck's Mustache gave great performances, and I must give a special shout out to Riggles. I wasn't expecting it to be so good, but it was. I fully indorse Killers.

So tomorrow Ian and I will be going to Brantford for the last game and then go see the live Smodcast for the second year. it's going to be so much fun I cant wait!

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