Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I took these photos on my way out of Toronto. There are no garbage cans and the fence is huge and intimidating.

I have been in Montreal for about a week. I was concerned about my sweet Toronto starting to look like a concentration camp.  The true purpose of my trip was my best friend Mike's bachelor party, which I did not report here because of it's secretive nature. I left Toronto a week early to avoid the entire G20 security bullshit and I'm glad I did. Friends who travelled on the weekend of the party were faced with enhanced security procedures. My American friends traveling from San Francisco were asked if they had ever appeared in front of a judge, one guy was searched at a bus station in Ottawa en route from Toronto. Not that I had anything in my bag that would cause me to fear search. Our summit, known as the G-String 12 was a great success, and began with the kidnapping of Mike in San Francisco. He was caught unaware of the trip, but had grown suspicious after noticing his missing passport that morning. I will not provide any details for the record, except to say paintball is awesome and that bestiality and zoophilia are not the same thing (Thanks Matt!).

I'm wishing I could be back in Toronto now. I'm not afraid of the G20 I just hate to be inconvenienced.  It was sad to see the guys all go home, and the trip seemed to die off after that, but here I am. Dad's place is cool, it's giving me a chance to write Mike and V's wedding. I miss the gym and I will only have a few days in Toronto before I have to go to San Francisco. Dad is taking me to his friend Dapila's shack somewhere in rural Quebec for some camping so I won't blog again till Monday. I plan on blogging every day in July I swear, it's a goal I've set along with some other writing tasks.

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