Monday, July 21, 2008

Apatow for destruction

Apatow for Destruction, Metropolis Theatre, Montreal

The show was late, starting at midnight so Dad wasn't down with going. So I had an extra ticket which worked out, since this was one of the hottest shows at Just Pour Rire. Dad was really nervous about letting me go alone, even though I'm a grown man and I speak french an I live in Toronto so I'm no hayseed.
I guess he was worried because someone had kidnapped a kid in Quebec City and sealed him in a barrel, but I think he was more worried I was going to go out and get one of Montreal's famous "Danse Contact".

I found the Metropolis and the line went around the block. I asked a security guy if it was sold out(it was), and saw a dude standing around. As a guy who has been there, I could recognize a guy looking for a ticket. I asked him if he needed a ticket and as soon as I did I was swarmed by an older woman who shouted "I need two tickets!". "Well,"I said,"I'm talking to this guy". The ticket cost 50$, and I just wanted that much, but the dude offered me 60$, as soon has he did the abrasive woman(who I by this point assumed was American) offered me 75$, then some other guy said he would give me 80$. But I'm not a scalper, and I was only talking to the one guy, so took the 60$. He had been waiting with his friends at the very front of the line, and they had let the line in when the rain started. So the guy who I sold my extra ticket had worked it out with security that if he got a ticket he could join his friends in line. So I went in with him, bypassing the entire line!

This place filled up quick, I got great seats up near the front, although a bunch of seats were reserved. Apparently 2300 people fit into this place.

Producer/Director Judd Apatow began his career as a stand up comedian and got back to his roots at the Just for Laughs Festival, along with a close group of his friends.

Apatow was funny, talking about how his roommate in college (Adam Sandler) was always trying to get a peak at his dick. But it was obvious why he moved on from stand-up, he seemed a little nervous and his material was a little strange.

Apatow introduced Bill Hader to do his There Will Be blood's Daniel Plainview impression.

Charlyne Yi
was fantastic. Her stage performance was pretty much the same character as she played in Knocked-Up, kind of a spacey weirdo.

Million Dollar Strong is a parody rap duo. This video was around last year and it's pretty funny. They performed it and a few others.

They have a deal for a feature film which should be around next year. The dude explained he had taught his Japanese friend to speak English, but not what the words meant. That was pretty funny, kind of made me think about my buddy Koji.

Craig Robinson (from the Office and Pineapple Express) played the keyboard. He was great, romantically singing"take your panties off".

Apatow introduced Bill Hader to do his Al Pacino impression.

Seth Rogen was funny, but still not a stand up pro.

Russell Brand was the only professional comic of the night. Don't get me wrong, everyone was really funny, and some were even more funny than Brand. But his routine was the most polished(it is after all, what he does).

It was a great show, a great night.

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