Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going on down to South Park

I saw Trey Parker & Matt Stone at the Imperial Theatre in Montreal last night. The show, South Park Live was a part of the Just for Laughs festival. I was wondering what to expect of the show, the ended up playing songs from their movies and answering questions asked by the director of The Aristocrats Paul Provenza. The show began with Trey on piano and Matt on drums playing the Terrence and Phillip classic Uncle Fucka. Trey explained when they make fun of Canada on the show, they are making fun of people from Toronto, and not the Montreal audience. The guys followed with Blame Canada, M'kay, Kyle's Mom is a Bitch, Montage, Pearl Harbour Sucks, and closed with America(Fuck Yeah!).

They also talked about the most offensive Christmas song in the world, in which the chorus went "You can suck all the dicks you want and still be a virgin...Mary"

It was hillarious and a once in a lifetime show.

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