Monday, July 28, 2008

Cali Soon

California here I come.

I leave Wednesday for San Francisco. Burning Man is almost three weeks away.

I was in Sudbury last week. I took the bus on Tuesday, the day after I got back from Montreal. My Pepere Gerry was in the hospital. He was airlifted from Timmins. My sister Chloe flew back from where she lives in England. My whole family came together.

He has lung cancer. He smoked ciggarettes for years and then switched to White Owl cigars. Most of my family does not belive in a conection between smoking and cancer. I have cut down on my pot smoking and will continue to do so with my health in mind.

I had a great time with my Pepere in Timmins, It was really hard to see him in the hospital. He got better with each day and on Saturday he was well enough to go back to the hospital in Timmins, with the hope that he can get home soon. So we drove back to Toronto.

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  1. Colin Gibson7/29/2008

    Get Well Soon Gerry!!!

    Jules, you are a great man..miss ya buddy!

    Have a great time, and you had better keep blogging at Burning Man....remember: keep the secret sausage!!