Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones and The Saucer Men From Mars

I saw Indy on Thursday with Ian.

George Lucas won't be happy until he has made everything suck. His jowls have grown fat off of Star Wars and Indiana Jones films. If he wasn't wasting his time trying to figure out a story arc for Jar Jar Binks in those shitty fucking prequels he could have worked on this, instead this movie is just 10 years too late. Where the fuck are the Nazis!?! I go to see Indiana Jones because I want to see some stupid Nazi get bull-whipped in the face, not Cate Blanchett's Soviet Bitch look for moose and squirrel. There are a bunch of stupid CG monkeys, if I wanted monkey I'd have ordered the chilled monkey brains. It's still worth going to see, but so much is coming soon, who has time for so-so.

My brother Marc was in town and we went to see the Blue Jays trounce the Royals 7-2! Then later we saw Speed Racer, which was fun and the only thing missing was a ton of magic mushrooms (this movie was trippy as hell).
I'm glad to see the price of oil has not affected the cost of Shortty-Longbacks.

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