Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Burning Man

First thing, Burning Man is not a music festival. It is an experiment in a temporary society 100 miles from Reno in the Nevada desert.

Please go here, read, look at the pictures, read about the theme camps.

And yes, I am going. It was my friend Matt Stone's idea, he and Bill and Kubi and Jas went last year, and he got me all hyped for this amazing experience.

It will be completely insane, our camp is described here.

I don't have a job, and I can't really afford the flight to San Fransisco(Arg! Sunny J loves SF). I checked Air Canada(my airline of choice) and the flight was 229$ each way, but with taxes and surcharges it was 700$. Then I remembered to check my Areoplan points, see how much it would take to get me there. Turns out, not only can I fly, but I could fly executive class! It took 40,000 points, but I had enough, and when I checked how much it would cost, holy fuck, 1,889$,EACH WAY, PLUS TAXES AND FEES! So I booked it! I'm flying YYZ to SFO on July 30th (Burning Man is the last week of August). I'm going early cause I need some time to chill in the City, and get my shit ready for the Burn (need a crazy bike, fo sho). I will get back on September 4th, just in time to attend the 33rd annual Toronto International Film Festival.

I really can't wait. Mom is going to help me with my costumes (she can sew anything). The theme this year is the American Dream (as a Canadian, I'm really intrigued).

I'm sure I will write a lot more in the next 3 months leading up to the Burn. But if you have a question, leave it in the comments.

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