Saturday, May 03, 2008

Matt's Toronto Trip

My plan to meet up with auntie Chrissy and see Iron Man didn't work out, so we rain checked for sometime early this week.

Friday night I went to the airport to meet my friend Matt Stone from San Francisco, and he was delayed at immigration for 40 minutes because he didn't know my address (always know the address of where you are going to be staying when traveling abroad).

We took the TTC back downtown and had dinner and beers at Epicure by my place on Queen W. Back at my place we hung out with the guy down the hall and burned a few, had some tequila, and went to The Mod Club. We got really drunk and went out for Chinese Food. I got sick in the bathroom of the restaurant and again at home and once more the next morning.

We went to Java House for breakfast. I brought him to Kensington Market to show him the Hot Box Cafe, we got some Notorious B.I.G. blunt papers and checked out the new Canadian made Vaporizer. We ordered a smoothie and went out back, it started to rain so sat under the covered area rolled one up. Deidra called and was finnished work so we walked over to meet up with her at Queens Park. We found her and walked into the park for the Toronto Freedom Festival. The rain was light but it made the prospect of hanging out for very long unlikely. We didn't even have anything rolled! A few people had tents set up, everyone else was huddled around the trees (providing no protection from the rain). Deidra had a great idea, Why don't we get a tent!?! We walked to Canadian Tire and I bought a 4 person tent for 50$. I gave Matt my Canadian Tire money as a souvenir of his first trip to a Canadian Tire. When we got back to the park the rain was still coming down, we set the tent up quick, and we were hanging out inside in no time. Deidra was put on rolling duty. Matt Thompson showed up with some delicious apple juice. I talked to Colin and he said he was on his way down, but then he never got around to it. We forgot to bring munchies, and that sucked cause al of the vendors were gouging us cause they knew stoners can't resist the force of the munchies. Dee rolled a huge fatty for 4:20. I had the idea to get our treats after we burned. Everyone else must have had the same idea, cause the line was 70 people long! I gave up, and good thing I did, I ran into Marc Emery, Canada's Prince of Pot. I told him we had met before in Timmins and he remembered hanging out at Nim's place. He introduced me to his wife, it was cool. I totally forgot to ask him what was going on with his extradition case. When I got back to the tent, we made the call to pack up and get some food. As soon as the tent was down and packed, just as we tried to fold up the ground tarp, the wind picked up and the rain became torrential. We got totally soaked, and ran away from the park. We canceled our plans for dinner and said goodbye to Deidra.

Back at my place I threw our clothes in the dryer and Matt and I sat there in our jockeys for the most uncomfortable 45 minutes of our lives.

No, not really.

Ian came by and gave us a ride up to the Rehearsal Factory to check out the Stormalongs rock.

We finally ate at Hero Burger, Matt got a Poutine. he asked how authentic it was, I would give it a 6 out of 10. It was Poutine pour des maudit anglais, I wish I could have showed him how Chez-Nous rocks a large Quebec.

The USA does not have ketchup chips, or all dressed ruffles, or caramilk bars or crispy crunch, so we munched out on all of that junk and watched Trailer Park Boys and pooched out.

Sunday we had breakfast at Stem, shopped around Queen West. We went to see the Jays play Chicago White Sox. We got a free bobble head on our way into the skyDome. Sweet! We were in the 500 level, but our seats were right behind home plate, it was awesome. Super Sweet! We wanted to take the Steamwhislte brewery tour, so we left the game in the 5th with the jays up 4-3. The brewery was cool, we had a few brews, tasty. When we left the game had just ended and the score hadent changed, so we didn't miss anything, and JAYS WON!

We barely made it to the airport on time. It was too late to check his bag so he left me with a six pack of Steamwhistle and some maple syrup.

I had a great time with Matt, but it wasn't long enough. I'm looking forward to crashing on his sofa in the near future.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. You are right: when it comes to Poutine, there is nothing like Chez-Nous!