Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Nick Stormalong!

I'm blogging from the floor of Stomalongs jam space, deep beneath my brother's office, from which I'm ganking internets. I carry earplugs in my bag for just such an occasion, it is very LOUD.

The pre-jam ritual of beer and Pixies was on. Then, just before the rock began, Colin presented Nick with a gift of 12 year old Scotch on behalf of the band to wish him a happy birthday. Colin made note of the auspicious nature of their meeting, and that without Nick, the rock would cease to exist and The Stormalongs never would have been.

The Stormalongs will be playing a show at the Garrison this Thursday, November 18th. It's on Dundas just west of Ossington (1197 Dundas W). If you're in Toronto then please come out.

Happy BirthdaNick, from a huge fan of you and your band!

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