Friday, November 05, 2010

The Scott Pilgrim screenplay I should not have

"You Shouldn't have this, Edgar Wright"
"Wooow! Find this scene on BluRay, Elen Wong XO"
Bryan Lee O'Mally, circles the "L-word" scene
Edgar, Ellen and Bryan at HMV Toronto
I just got back from the Scott Pilgrim signing at HMV. Creator Bryan Lee O'Mally, Director Edgar Wright,  and actress Ellen Wong were autographing items for fans to promote the BluRay release on Tuesday. Edgar recognized me and jokingly wagged his finger when I gave him a copy of the screenplay to sign, knowing that I acquired it from a mutual friend. Fans in line got a coupon to save 10$ on the disc and they also received a pass to an exclusive Q&A screening of the film that will take place at the Bloor Cinema this evening.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
I met a cool film student named Andrew in line, while behind us I witnessed the most overt display of geek douchiness I have ever seen by a guy dressed as Dr. Who pontificating loudly on a variety of nerd-related subjects.
Bryan Lee O'Mally & Andrew


  1. That's awesome! Colour me jealous!

  2. Edgar Wright seems really cool. But did you take pictures of the guy dressed as Dr Who?

  3. hey

    i dont even know how to leave a comment, but i just saw yours. Thanks.
    hope things are well.

  4. Ashlie, I will trade it to you for your firstborn child, Mooha!

    Daniel, I wish I had gotten a photo of the Dr. Who jackass, but I seriously didn't want to contribute to his narcissistic cosplay-as-lifestyle fantasy.

    Thanks Min, all comments welcome.