Thursday, November 04, 2010

Memere on the Mend

My trip to Washington was almost sidelined as my Memere had complications after hip replacement surgery. My aunts and uncles all came to Toronto fearing the worst. I was prepared to stay in Toronto but my dad, who came overnight from Montreal insisted I go. I'm glad I did, but I'm even happier that my Memere is on the mend.

I went to see her at Sunnybrook last night and she was so much better than when we saw her Friday morning. My Matante Fran was there with Uncle Gary (they flew in from England) and Pepere. We went back to the hotel to let her get some rest and we had some beers and chatted.

On my way back home I ran into my childhood friend Jordan (Jordie) who I haven't seen since Christmas. Then on the subway I ran into Peter, a well-known Toronto film-aficionado. We chatted about the Scott Pilgrim screening at the Bloor tomorrow and the upcoming showing of The Wizard at the Underground. I love Toronto.
 The Wizard


  1. I love the Wizard!

    Glad to hear your Memere is doing better :)