Friday, November 19, 2010

A series of tubes

The internet at my house is slow and unreliable, sometimes non-existent. My landlord, who has no concept of what the internet is, signed the house up for a second rate ISP called Customer Is King. They suck and explaining this to my landlord seems futile. All the complaining is falling on deaf ears. I'm ready to get my own internet from Tek Savvy (a well-respected ISP).

I have been going to Second Cup or alternatively, the Sanderson branch of the Toronto Public Library. The book depository is nice because I don't have to purchase anything to plug in and surf the interwebs. Hobos are also wise to this fact, and use the library to seek respite from the cold. Yesterday a hobo smelled like poo, so I avoided it today.

No one smells like poo at Second Cup, but the pumped-in Christmas music is the auditory equivalent. I'm on my third coffee now getting some blogging done. I will probably chat someone's ear off once I leave here (caffeine makes me even more talkative).

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