Friday, March 13, 2009

Miss my buddy

On a day like today, I really wish I could still talk to my best friend Deidra.

My mom is not well, but getting better. Paul and I brought her to her doctors appointment, then ran over to his place for a quick bowl.

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of going to the gym(no, not every day, in fact I didn't even go yesterday). But I did go today, and I kicked ass. I'm going to start taking advantage of the classes they offer. My body is going to be kick ass at Burning Man.

I started going to the gym to support Deidra, but now I go for myself. I thought about her a lot today. It makes me feel sick in my stomach and I get pangs in my heart. At one point I accidentally almost pocket dialed her. I moved her phone number to "Z Deidra", so hopefully it doesn't happen again.

I feel alone, for sure. Ian is my best friend, but I could talk to Dee about anything.

She has my carry on luggage and I have one of her work shirts, but I'm affraid to call her and deal with it.

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