Saturday, March 07, 2009

Watchmen, Pontypool, Scott Pilgrim

Today was loaded start to finish. Working off a tip received from Paolo the night before, I looked into Scott Pilgrim Extras casting, which was going on today. I went to the studio, filled out a form and posed for a picture. Under special skills I wrote "I am a professional concert goer, I have seen The Smashing Pumpkins 10 times". to which the dude laughed. I called Ian afterwards to see if he could grease the wheels at all(this is Hollywood we are talking about). Hopefully I can rock out to some Sex Bob-omb for the next few months, make some cash, work on a movie and literally become CONCERT GUY!

On the way back I talked to Paul. Checked the Scotiabank Theatre for Watchmen Imax, sold out all day. I was going to get Paul down but didn't, then saw the movie anyways, on a regular screen, and free since the woman did not properly do her job.

Ran home for two quick bowls.

Enjoyed the movie immensely. I could not believe some people brought small children to see it since it was completely inappropriate. Bad fucking parenting.

Home for dinner, burrito supreme, I miss real burritos from the Mission. I'm going crazy to go back to California. Ian called, it's Pontypool's big opening weekend too!

Ian picked me up and we rolled through traffic blazing. I picked up the tickets and got us some seats.

Loved the movie for the second time. Go see it and support a great Canadian film.

We ended up going out for beers with a buch of Scott Pilgrim crew. Cool fucking people for sure.

Great Day.

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