Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting Fit

I have a ton of Howard Stern shows downloaded, and now I have to put then in a bit more order in my iTunes.

I have been powering though bike rides at the gym listening to Stern. Even the classic episodes from years ago are still gold and laugh out loud funny.

I have been trying to do the Brad Pitt Diet thing under Ian's instruction. It's so tough cause I love candy and double cheeseburgers dressed like a mac. I have cheated a bit but I know I have reduced my fat and sugar intake. I am really seeing the results. I can feel the leftover fat breaking down on my abs. The muscle underneath now shows and I'm spending more time checking myself out in the mirror. I need to get someone at the gym to show me some of the machines I haven't learned yet.

I went to see Cayen and the band he is running with at the Reverb. Sights & Sounds were great, I'm glad I got to see them. Cayen hooked me up with a T-shirt and a CD.

Cayen wants to go see the Jays on Canada Day, I'm down unless I get some work as an extra on Scott Pilgrim.

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