Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Lew

Got my lazy ass to the gym after skipping 2 days. I ran for 30 minutes and then worked on the upper body, although I don't know how to use some of the machines, so I'm looking forward to my orientation session tomorrow morning.

I got back to my place loade a newer Howar Stern MP3 and smoked a bowl, then headed down to Union Station to catch the bus to Mom's house. It was my Uncle Lewis Birthday, so my mom threw him a party. The party went great, even if maybe Mom had one or four too many margaritas. She should probably not drink AT ALL on her medication, but I'm not a medical professional.

I'm going to go hang out with Mom this week and con her into sewing some Burning Man outfits for me.

Deidra is starting work at a new Staples location tomorrow, and I just know she is going to do awesome.

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  1. You are quite right. I should not drink at all. What kind of a Hostess has her guests make dinner. :)