Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Go Bayside Tigers Go!

Late Night wars are getting crazy. Conan is up against Letterman and Colbert is in Iraq, and Jimmy Fallon is in Conan's old spot.

I used to watch SBTB all the time. This is the coolest thing, to quote Jessie Spannow "I'm so excited I'm so excited, I'm so...scared".

I did the fit fix circuit at the gym today after yesterday's orientation. Feeling good, looking better.

I just saw a trailer for the new Sandra Bullock movie called The Proposal, in which she plays a Canadian buisness woman who must marry her assistant or face deportation. It's funny cause her assistant in the movie is played by Ryan Renolds(actual Canadian).

I went to FabricLand to get some ideas for Burning Man. I didn't pick anything up cause I need my Moms expert opinion. I will go back there with her this week. This looks cool though:I really like this the look of this old timey dude, I think it would be a good look on the Playa.

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  1. I like your profile pic. You look as though you could be at Colbert's side.