Thursday, June 04, 2009

"King Textiles up to 80% off fabrics"

I was looking really hard for an excuse to skip the gym today. I'm excited about the new location I found, but I was feeling lazy and almost gave in and just hit the bong.


Snap out of it.

I took out my Burning Man ticket and gave it a look. I don't want to slack off all summer and then go to the desert a flabby mess.

I got my shit together and went to the gym. Got through a 30 minute run(I usually give up after 20mins) then I worked on my legs.

I met up with Mom and Paul at the GO Terminal. Mom had a dentist appointment so we walked her there. She gets nervous at the dentist, but my dentist rocks ao everything was fine.

Mom got us a slice of pizza and we sat and ate and talked. Paul went back to the dentist to get his TOOF taken care of. I walked mom back to Union, making a quick stop at KING TEXTILES. Mom has some free time and is going to help me get ready for Burning Man by sewing some outfits together for me. I found some wicked silver material that is going to make a wicked pair of shorts. I have to go back and pick up a bunch of material, they have so much cool stuff. I have never been in before, but I have been throwing out their cards for years. They have a guy on Queen St. who hands out cards and alway repeats "King Textiles up to 80% off fabrics".

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