Wednesday, June 03, 2009

McCaul Goodlife smells like hot ass

I met up with Granny Mo for a light lunch and some talk. We made plans to go see UP! on Friday, and I'm looking forward to it.

Deidra was right! The Goodlife gym in Liberty Village is a million times better than the one at McCaul. I can't believe I have been going to such a shitty club but I guess it was all I knew. The McCaul gym is old, all the machines are way older, it's small, and it stinks like sweat due to shitty circulation, and worst of all it's full of Squash doochebags. Liberty Village GoodLife is brand new, all the machines are new, there is tons of space, it doesn't stink and no Squash courts!

I'm really pissed off doesent allow its web content to be viewed in Canada. Kevin Smith did an interview and all I could see was this:Ian and I are going to Branford on Saturday to see Kevin Smith and the rest of the View Askew gang play street hockey in Branford. Then the first ever live Smodcast. According to Kev it may never be released online. I would hope it does cause it would make a great souvenir of the show.

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