Monday, May 04, 2009

Mobile City

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and the Silver Snail went all out.
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Paul and I went to Mom's place for steak and potatoes, but did not stay the night(he had to work and I have been away from home for too long). Mom was looking better and hopefully she will be able to stay well enough to go back to work at the end of the month.
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I went to Kensington Market today to finally get some food. I must have really learned my food groups as a kid, cause I covered em all: Meat, Cheese, Bread and Fruits and Vegetables.

I updated my Twitter from Kensingon, I got my Android G1 working on Rogers thanks to a post on this blog

I am so blown away by this phone, it is so customizable, last night I downloaded a new clock widget which I can see much better.
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This is one of Toronto's new garbage cans. It doesn't have ad space which I think is cool, for a while they were going to go with a huge bilboard style recepticle that didn't hold much waste.

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