Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tron-onto! Strombo promises sneak-peek at new Flynn

Twitter is a great way to find out about cool things going on in your neighborhood. I'm lucky that the King of Queen W., George Strombo lives in my neighborhood, and is also on my twitter. He's hipped me to a free screening of the new Tron movie. When he tweeted:
I did the math and figured it was at the Scotiabank Theatre mere blocks from the CBC. But upon arrival I was met by a clueless employee who assured me the movie doesn't open till next week. When I told her Strombo sent me she said maybe Strombo had lied.

I'm waiting in a Starbucks next to the Scotiabank Theatre, where I'm sure the event is going down. I'm just waiting for Strombo to tweet the word.


  1. Anonymous12/09/2010

    hint hint, check the lightbox tonight

  2. Wow that sounds really cool Julien, hope you get a ticket. I miss that 'hood sometimes.