Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tron Legacy Toronto sneak-peek, TRONopoulos!

Torontonians following @Strombo on twitter were lucky enough to catch an advance look at this winters day-glo blockbuster Tron Legacy at the CN Tower.

This movie is excellent! It's been almost 30 years since Disney gave us the live-acation/CG hybrid Tron. Now the Mouse House brings us back into the gird in 3D! This time Flynn's son Sam must travel into the grid to find his long-lost father. Jeff Bridges is back as Kevin Flynn, and as his program alter ego CLU. CGI Botox makes Bridges look like his 80's self, mullet and all. It's very trippy to see them together. The older Flynn gives off a serious Lebowski vibe at times, and the crowd loved it. Daft Punk pumps some sick music on the soundtrack, and has a sweet cameo in the film. I really wish I could see 3D, but since I can't I have to rely on the oohs and ahhs of the audience, which were quite plentiful. I have the strongest feeling that the Production Designer goes to Burning Man. I really recommend you go see the new Tron when it comes out next week.

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