Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ian came over for a single serving coke and to say goodbye. Off to La La Land, Hollywood, his trip here having nothing to do with the film festival ironically. It was so good to see my friend.

I want to send out some postcards to some special burner friends today. I'm slowly getting addresses day by day so I'm not overwhelmed.

I've got more volunteering to do tonight as a captain liaison. I also want to fit in a movie tonight if possible. I have a ticket for Peaches Does Herself. I'm a huge fan of Peaches, and I'm not sure what to expect from her film debut save for lots of trannies and strap-ons.

I'm really feeling awesome, but I'm worried that I won't sustain. The future is so bright, going to Timmins for my Peppere's 80th, my friends San & Linsey are going to have a little brother for A.J. soon, and next year is Japan 2: Sweetboobs Returns, on top of all that I'm going back to Black Rock City, of course.

Unless plans change, which they often do. Burning Man is a great tool to focus energy on important things. I'm thinking about it more and more, even as the euphoria from the Burn slips. We keep each other going, bouncing positive messages across the internet, but we are all still so far away. Shadyvil stretches all over the world.

My friend Sarah I. said something about my blog that I've been thinking about. That I might be holding back. I wonder about that.

I'm making some bacon (oh, Bacon!) for breakfast while listening to some Fat Man on Batman, Kevin Smith's bat-tastic podcast.
The new nintendo machine, called wiiU has a street date and price: $350 on November 18th. I'm gonna get me one of those.

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