Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Clean Dog

Kosmo and I made another pilgrimage to Sweet Chinito this afternoon, I got a ham and swiss with bacon. I'm probably going to be a fat dude once I get back to Canada. We walked back up Valencia and once again Kosmo was the center of attention.

The sandwich was tasty as fucking hell.

When we got back tried to give Kosmo a bath, but when I ran the water he wimpered like a bitch. So we went outside and I used the hose on him. That worked really well and now he's no longer a stinky dog.

I went to Matt and Kubi's place, hit the bong and then we went downstairs to the BBQ restauraunt. It was Kubi's birthday, really good times. We set up for Burning Bam in this space, and now it's a tasty BBQ restauraunt. It was truly instrumental in our Burn Set up, we built the Vibrating Stripper Pole in here! Good food and the waitress was cool, the guys are there all the time and have tried almost everything on the menu (except the Steak, which they do not have).

All evidence leads me to believe Kosmo ate my pack of Smoking Masters rolling papers. Bad dog.

Kosmo laid on my lap while we watched some TV.

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  1. I am reading your blog while riding the Via train to Ottawa. Ain't technology grand! It sounds as though you and Kosmo and developing quite a rapport. I hope you don't miss him too much when you return to T.O....you are coming back eh?