Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Nightman Cometh

Once the codes get put in Grand Theft Auto 4 stops being about the missions and advancing in the game and becomes a chaotic murder cluster fuck with helicopters and bazookas. San watches me play and passes out from jet lag about the time Linsey gets home. Her and I have a glass of spanish red wine and some cheese pizza and talk.

I went over to Matt & Kubi's. Watched some It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Great show. We did some Volcano bag while Matt tried to finish or get an extension on his taxes. It was the last day to file taxes here in the States. I helped Kubi a little with some botany, planting a little baby, she's gonna grow big and strong and make Daddy real proud one day.

I went back home to San's place, let Kosmo out for a wiz. He came and slept at the end of the sofa for a bit. So cute. Except when he starts licking himself in super slobber mode, cause it sounds like somone is getting a blow job at your feet.

We can't get away with playing video games all day today, so we got some chores to attend to.

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