Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama! Obama!

Saturday night was crazy times. Mike and I went to a Party for one of his co-workers. We didn't know anyone except Tim and Nan so we talked to them all night. After the party I walked back home with Mike, and dropped a pill on the way.

When I got to the Great Star Theatre, there was no one outside, but a door popped open and I found Bill as soon as I walked into the main area. Towards the back of the theatre at the visuals booth I found Jas and Ray. Matt showed up and we went up to the balcony to do a J. The visuals from up in the balcony looked stellar, with panoramic images blasting across the entire area of the theatre and the laser beaming back at us, cutting across the sky. I was rolling pretty good by then, it was really clean. We finished smoking the joint and, boom! Party is over, the cops shut it down, probably on account of it being totally unlicensed.

Matt packed up his gear, Bill drove me to a gas station for a beverage and some gummie bears. The doors were all locked, you had to tell the attendant what you wanted and he would go get it, then you had to pay through a drop box. A line had formed at the window and a group of guys were cutting in line to get "swishers"(looked like Sunny D to me). The lady behind me was getting pissed cause every guy that was cutting would allow the next guy to cut in line as well. She started asking them nicely to respect the line and they started calling her a "white bitch" and shouting "Obama! Obama!" as if a black president means they can act like assholes. I just avoided the whole situation, on account I was fully rolling.

We found another party, but by the time Matt showed up the party was a bust. Some lady was yeling about the noise and said she had called the cops, so we took off. Called it a night.

Sunday I woke up late, I got a call from my mom, I called Deidra to wish her a Happy Easter but didnt get her, so I just left a message. Then went over to Matt's place. We made "special" brownies, I went back home to take Kosmo for a walk, he sniffed some dog crotch. I went back to Matt's, Kubi was back from Vegas, they had some Easter food(Ham, potatoes, stuffing). Of course I had some brownies for dessert. Good brownies.

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