Friday, April 10, 2009

Careful, I've got a beverage here, man!

I have been playing GTA 4 on Ps3, my friend Jagger was right, it is a crazy game, the city is so huge. I played today after Kosmo and I did our walk. I drank some beers and smoked a J. My driving did not improve.

I went over to Matt's place hit the bong, coughed up a lung, allergies. And I still don't stop smoking pot. We went over to Bill's new place for dinner. His new Roommate was at Burning Man with us, he is cool as hell. Of course it would not be a trip to Bill's without some serious bar tending. We had drinks, and a delicious salmon.

I just wrote about wanting to go see The Big Lebowski later this month, and we ended up watching it at Bill's place tonight. I hope this doesen't fuck up my chances of seeing it again on the big screen. Matt will probably not want to go now that he has just seen it again. I don't care, I have seen it hundreds of times and hope to see it hundreds more. What a great fucking movie, man.

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  1. I just spit my tea out. Sort of counter-productive to the quote.

    Also, I really do have a rug that ties the room together. That's all you need in life man.