Monday, April 20, 2009

This is Four Twenty

4:20 Origins:Weed Wolverine

It's April 20th, the Stoner New Year. I hung out with Kosmo and watched last night's episode of the Simpsons and rolled up some doobies for the day. San came home from work early and Matt swung by with Kubi to take us to Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park. Traffic was a bitch and for some reason Matt thought he would find parking close to the park. Haight Ashbury was packed full of stoners and not being the punctual type many were looking for parking as the magic hour aproached. We found a spot in the nick of time and blazed a cannon as soon as we got out of the sweltering sardine tin.

On the hill we found tons of like minded stoners of all walks of life, old and young(I think your toddler is getting a proximity buzz). We found a spot in the shade(the sun tries to burn me). It was great to be at this historic counter culture spot on this occasion, with such good friends. We blazed a few more joints and walked around, checking out a drum circle jam session for a bit.

The heat started to get us and we retreated to more shade. We finally got too thirsty and had to leave the park all together in search of beverages.

We walked back to the car stopping at a gas station for some gatorade.

Turns out San left his phone at the gas station so we (San and I) went back after grabbing Burger Joint, and waiting for traffic to die down. San has a two seater convertible and its a sweet ride through San Francisco on a warm night with the top down.

It was a memorable 4/20, and I'm glad I had some "good buds" and great friends to celebrate with.

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