Monday, April 06, 2009

"Christ, c'est Sandra Bullock!"-Dapila

Woke up early, I guess I took too long rolling a joint and watching CNN's economic apocalypse coverage cause I was not early enough to get an egg ham and cheese croissant at Sweet Chinitos.. Damn it, Chinitos has CNN on all the time. Me and Kosmo walked down Mission to get my breakfast. I can't belive how much attention he grabs while we walk down the street, someone asked me, "how much does a dog like that cost?". Good question but I do not know. When we got to Sweet Chinitos I had to settle on a Turkey Bacon and Provalone on Dutch Crunch Bread with Avacados, since they were out of croissants. Kosmo was a total gentleman while we waited for my sandwich. This was my first time at Chinitos since October, I can't believe it took me a week to go and get a hold of my favourite sandwich in the world. I was rusty in my ordering and forgot that "with everything" includes jalapinos. Even those spicy bastards couldn't ruin the sandwich. Kosmo and I walked back up Valencia.

I'm watching the Stalone/Snipes classic Demolition Man. Snadra Bullock is fucking terrible. I'm so glad she's not in a lot of movies anymore. My Dad has a funny story about her buying some art from Dapila, always makes me laugh when I see her.

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