Friday, April 24, 2009

Kosmo's Bad Trip

Kosmo opened my door Jurassic Park styles came in and licked me awake. He had chewed up my rolling papers again.

Kosmo and I watched Snatched, in which a bunch of criminals look for a huge diamond and a dog swallows it.

I went over to Matt and Kubi's place while San took Linsey out for dinner. When I got back Mike was heading to the airport to pick up Vanessa so I went with him.

I got back to the house and Kosmo didn't show up to greet me.

This morning I woke up and San was still here, Kosmo had gotten sick the night before and they had brought him to the animal hospital. San found a bag Kosmo had been chewing on, but it was pretty empty to begin with, we were surprised it had messed him up so much. Then we found the chewed up piece of plastic container that yesterday contained a dice sized chunk of hash. Kosmo had eaten the hash just like the dog ate the diamond in Snatch. It was not a good time for Kosmo, he went on an involuntary intergalactic voyage. He was wobbling and swaying and just not having a good time. Most people would think it was funny but it really wasn't. Weed does not effect dogs the same as humans, and the dose he took! We spent the day coddling him and by dinner time he was fine again.

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