Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Only one Peach with a hole in the middle

San called last night from the Barcelona airport. Checking to see what I wanted from Duty-Free (my friends know I'm crazy about Duty-Free). I just told him to get me something we can drink together.

They get home tonight, so I'm cleaning up my two week mess. Taking out the recycling and washing the stink off of Kosmo.

I sent Paul money to buy me a ticket for Peaches in Toronto May 20th. Deidra gave me a heads up about the show via txt(and on my blog, thanks). We both love Peaches and have a very personal connection to her music. Peaches has a new record out on May 5th called I feel Cream.

The month is half over and I'm almost done with my dogie responsibility. I can't wait till San gets back and we can have some fun. I'm starting to miss Toronto and my friends and family a bit.

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