Friday, April 17, 2009

Scotch Stained Sweedish Furniture

Woke up early with a cough. It seems to get worse at night. The simple answer would be to stop smoking weed but it doesn't help. I'm allergic to Kosmo and the cats(Kosmo not so much after a bath, his not mine). I took a claritin and later under San's recommendation had a scotch. Linsey went downstairs to get us all coffee. We all hung out and had a nice cup of coffee before Linsey headed off to work.

San and I attempted to beat a particularly difficult motorcycle chase on GTA4, to no avail.

More productive was the assemblage of an Ikea futon, that's right, I'm off the sofa and sleeping with class tonight, and maybe Kosmo too, he sneaks between sleeping with San and Linsey to sleeping with me. I love this dog.

I went to a Deep End party with Matt and Ray. The Deep End is one of the coolest camps at Burning Man and always has tons of good beats and smoking hot babes. At one point I counted seven blondes posing for a picture nearby, I felt like The Count form Sesame Street, "Seven Blondes AH HA HA! I was pretty drunk and Matt took us to a much bigger party at a club (with a 30$ cover, thanks Matt!) It was a bumping party, and we grooved to the music. Lot's of ladies around us dancing til thier boyfriends showed up. We left the club and went back to Matt's I passed out on the sofa.

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