Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mister Twitter Twitter

I had an awesome dinner at Pépère and Mémère Chabot's place. My tante Nicole was there with her husband and kids, who are now adults themselves. My cousin Adam was way taller than I could have imagined, I haven't seen him in about ten years.

Best quote from Pépère as everyone is talking about Facebook:

"That Mister Twitter-Twitter, he's a popular guy nowadays" -Marcel Chabot

I went to Bri's after, smoked a bowl then went to meet up with Mikey at Co-po's(Corner Pockets, for those not "in the know"). Paul B's sister Nadia was bartending, it was good to see her and I guess she will be at the wedding next week. I called Delling, he said he wouldn't be coming out, then I said we would miss him, "Wait who is "we"? Mike is in town!?! Oh, o.k. I will come out!", I guess I wasn't enough to get him out on my own, bastard.

We moved along to Sports Gal, saw some people I knew a bit. Then Delling said we should check out the Fusion, so we did, saw some more peeps I know(rather, these people all know me, I'm not always 100% sure who they are). It's hard to miss Bobby Shivers though.

We closed the night with some Chez Nous (Med Quebec Poutine), we ate em on the steps and walked back home, just like back in the day.

Tonight I plan on hitting some more bars, Mikey might be out, but he is a terrible wingman. Hopefully I can meet up with Cayen and find some trouble.

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  1. As usual, Pepere Chabot rips off a good one.