Sunday, August 02, 2009

Hip! Hip!

I met Cayen's daughter Cash, finally. She is so cute. Cayen and I go way back, and I've seen so many pictures of his kid it was great to meet the little princess. John's girlfriend Caroline made an excellent meal and I had dinner with them. Cayen is a family man now so he didn't come out for beers with Mike and I.

I walked over to the Sports Gal and met up with Mikey, Delling showed up shortly after. I did Jaggerbombs with the Brothers Quinn (toasting my Brother Marc). I saw a girl I haven't seen in 8 years, she looked as good now as she did then, fantastic.

Mike, Delling and I grabbed some poutine at Chez-Nous (flawless).

When we got home I smoked a bowl and listened to Weezer's Green, Island in the Sun, Hip! Hip!

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